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You'll find differing definitions of "refacing." Some confuse it with refinishing, but that's not the best way to do it. With Refacing & More, all doors and drawer headers are removed and replaced, exposed frames and ends are resurfaced with hardwood veneer, and new moldings, trim, accents and accessories are added. Best of all, Refacing & More gives you the option to add entirely new cabinets and accents from the huge Showplace Wood Products offering. Study the process of refacing this small kitchenette to better understand how your Refacing & More contractor will transform your kitchen, and do it quicker than you would ever expect.

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Your old cabinet doors and drawer headers are removed. If things like a range hood, island or new cabinets are part of the project, these are installed at the start.
Face frames and other surfaces (exposed end panels, for instance) that will be veneered are thoroughly sanded and cleaned to assure proper veneer adhesion.
The prefinished veneer sheet stock is trimmed to precise width. Your Refacing & More installer has the tools and training to do this critical job right.
The new veneer is carefully aligned, applied, then smoothed for lasting adhesion. The end result is the look of entirely new cabinet frames and end panels.
Veneered edges are trimmed flush with the cabinet components, and sanded as needed. Often these edges are covered with special Refacing & More moldings.
New doors from Refacing & More are installed, using lifetime-warranty hinges. At this stage, you won't believe how good your new kitchen looks!
New drawer headers are installed, and drawer boxes are replaced as needed. Special Refacing & More interior accessories can also be installed at this point.
Finally, moldings and trim from Refacing & More are installed and the refacing job is complete. Click here to see another detailed example of a refacing project, plus lots of before & afters.

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